Wire Grid Polarizer Products

Free-standing wire grid polarizers are suitable for far-infrared and terahertz photonics. These consist of a parallel array of fine tungsten wires, mounted across a metal support frame, which acts to reflect incident radiation that is polarized parallel to the wire grid array and transmit radiation that is polarized perpendicular to it.

Since these polarizers have no underlying substrate, they have the advantage being free of substrate-dependent dispersion and absorption affects, and also do not exhibit beam deviation upon transmission. This provides for a thin, compact, and versatile polarizing element with a high degree of polarization over a broad transmission range.

As standard, these wire grid polarizers are available with circular frames up to 200mm in diameter, and with a choice of 5, 10, 25, or 50 micron wire and a range of wire spacing. Other frame configurations and wire choices are available upon request.